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Icon Collections

A series of unique icons created for different companies over the years.

Noom Mood: Course Tracker
Noom, 2022

Icons created for the Noom Mood app. Each corresponds with a particular lesson in the course. We decided to use imagery of nature and natural exploration to best illustrate the abstract psychological concepts presented in each step of the course. For example, “Rewire Your Thought Patterns” is shown as weaving vines and “Reveal Your Stress Resilience” is an umbrella under heavy rain.

Nookons: 2x

Nooklyn, 2019

While working at Nooklyn, I developed this series of detailed 2x size icons for the platform’s expanding services. They were designed specifically for dark-mode, which the company uses across both its website and app.

Women and Public Policy Program

Harvard Kennedy School, 2018

This collection was designed in collaboration with Delane Meadows. Together we developed icons to represent the Kennedy School’s different areas of focus.

Bailey Meadows 2023 — New York, NY