Interactive Bar Experience

Cartier asked Midnight Commercial to propose an interactive experience for a bar in their flagship Cartier Mansion in New York City.

The following shows diagrams and storyboards for our proposal. I was responsible for determining the user flow and creating the digital assets for the mock-ups in the proposal.

We proposed that the counter have an interactive touch-screen glass surface where the customer could digitally try on watches. By resting an arm in an open space beneath the glass, a watch would digitally map onto the customer’s wrist.

The Space & Interactive Display
The diagram below shows the of the counter and bar space as it already exists. The blue notes the surface area behind the bar that is in range for  possible projection-mapping.

To beckon the customer to interact, a light flashes beneath the surface of the glass a call-to-action appears on the counter top.

Interactive Dispay

Midnight Commercial

Margaret Sotrop, Project Manager
Derek Edwards, Creative Director
Bailey Meadows, Art Director
Kelley Brady, Art Director
Michael Bailey, Photographer
Braden Istas, Photographer

Emily Rickard, Stylist

Bailey Meadows 2018 — Brooklyn, NY