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Ara Module: Biome


Tasked to create a module for Google’s concept phone Ara, our team at Midnight Commercial proposed a biome of the microscopic organisms Tardigrades.

I lead the User Experience design, developed the initial proposal and exploring potential features and user interactions. Unfortunately Project Ara was suspended in 2016 and the module was never completed.

Tardigrades are “extremophiles,” meaning they have adapted ways to survive in extreme environments—including space. The main questeions were how would we create a self-contained biome to hold them? What kind of lens that would allow us to see the world up-close on our screens? 
This project posed a number of technical challenges that our team of skilled engineers, designers, and programmers tackled. Leading UX, it was my role to consider the questions of the module’s purpose. I considered what interactions in the app would add value to the experience of the micro-world, beyond its initial Cool! factor.

What does it mean to have an ecosystem in view on your phone? Would it change your relationship to the device? The following are some of the pitched ideas—practical and silly—that we explored in defining the direction of the module’s functions and character.

Selected Press:  
Venture Beat , Gizmodo, Fortune

Midnight Commercial, 2015
David Nunez, Partner & Project Lead
Bailey Meadows, Lead User Experience 
Jesse Gonzales, Electronics & Digital Fabrication
Sam Posner, Developer
Jennifer Bernstein, Project Management

Noah Freehan, Electrical Engineer
Matt Borgatti, Industrial Design
Cody Daniel, Engineer, 3Scan


Bailey Meadows 2018 — New York, NY